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Cathedral Ceiling
Vent System

The Natural Way to Ventilate Cathedral Ceilings

  • Stainless Steel Bearings
  • 15 year warranty
  • 17 Colours available
  • Cost Effective
  • Wind Tested up to 235km/hr winds
  • Removes trapped heat
  • Closable internal vents

Green Earth Solutions Cathedral Ceiling Vent System has been developed specifically to relieve heat build-up under raked ceilings by venting the huge heat that builds up in your roof during the day, up to 70°. Instead of your home storing all that heat through the night, it now cools with the night air and takes longer to reheat than a non-ventilated home the next day. In addition, the product also provides some natural light into the room.

Green Earth Solutions have developed an easy closing and opening system to your internal vent. This system allows  simply opereation of the system all year long.

All trademen are fully qualified, trained at working at heights, have police clearence and take all rubbish away from site on completion of job.

So if you are wanting the Sunshine coasts most trusted professional team to install your ventilation system contact us today :


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