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Natural Ventilation for your roof

    • Aluminium for longer life

    • Replaceable Bearings

    • 15 Year Warranty

    • Tested to withstand winds of 240km/hr

    • Cost nothing to run

  • Ideal for metal roofs


WindMaster is a 300mm throat aluminium ventilator, especially designed for Australian conditions. Traditionally wind ventilators have been used to achieve air exchange in the attic spaces of homes; to remove super heated attic air and enable replacement with cooler outside air.

For all roof ventilator to work most effectively there need to be a draw. If you home does not have eave venting you should consider having this installed at the same time to maximise the effect of the ventilator. Once you have venting or a natural air draw it does not matter if there is no breeze at all the difference in air temperature from inside the roof to the outside temperature will mean it will constantly turn. A normal home would require 6-8 eave vents depending on roof size and type, these are supplied and installed. This is a great one off investment that saves you money on every power bill.

Unique features and benefits include:

  • Improved air quality and temperature
    When istalled correctly the Windmaster transforms your roof space from an average 60+ degree over the summer months to the out side ambient shade temperature. This greatly reduces the heat stress your home has to deal with. This effect is increased in the evening as an unvented home cannot dispel the heat in the evening as it is all closed up. The Windmaster allows your home to recover with the coolness of the night air instantaneously. The Windmaster can save you hundreds of dollars every year with reduced power consumption of extra heating and cooling appliances.

  • Helps eliminate Mould
  • As the Windmaster is constantly moving air in your roof space it reduce the condensation and moisture build up particularly in tin roofs thus helping to eliminate the chances of mould around the home. 
  • Keeps your home warmer in winter
  • When there is air flow you do not get stale dank air that in winter becomes very cold. Because of the air flow your ceiling will be 1-2 degrees warmer in winter then a sealed roof space. Which is the opposite that most people would automatically think.
  • Fits all roof types
    Windmaster's "Vari-Pitch" throat and malleable flashing suits all roof types with slopes from zero to 45°.

  • Dual bottom bearing system
    Windmaster uses two precision steel bearings located in a patented bottom bearing assembly. This ensures smooth and quiet operation.

  • Replaceable bearings
    Windmaster is the first domestic vent where the bearings can be easily replaced by the homeowner.

  • Dome reinforced against hail
    The life of a ventilator can be lessened if the dynamic balance of the product is upset by hail damage. Windmaster has a special reinforced dome designed to provide extra resistance against hail.

  • Large range of colours
    Windmaster is available in an extensive range of colours
    26 in all

  • Withstands severe wind and rain
    In independent laboratory tests, Windmaster withstood wind velocities of 180km/hr and satisfied the international Rain Dynamic Rain Penetration Test.

  • Warranty
    15 year warranty is provided


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