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Ventilation and Light, Combined

    • UV stable acrylic head

    • Unique clear design

    • Stainless Steel Bearings

    • 15year warranty

    • Lets natural light into the attic space

    • Deters pests and vermin into the attic

  • Great for sheds and country living

TURBOBEAM® combines unique vertical vane technology with clear polymers to create a major advance in roof turbines. It has the same qualities as the Supa Vent, with the additional benefit of discouraging pests and vermin in the roof cavity due to the addition of natural light. TurboBeam provides the following benefits:

  • Constant dilution of indoor air pollutants emitted by furniture, carpets, mould and chemicals

  • Provision of some natural light
  • The technology leader
    Sturdy ASA polymer construction, vertical vanes and permanently lubricated stainless steel bearings ensure long life and efficient performance.
  • Attractive design
    Its smooth aerodynamic profile complements almost any home.
  • Performs in light breezes
    The vertical vane design provides SupaVent with a superior starting torque in light breezes. When installed with eave venting they work without any breeze at all when the attic space is warmer than the outside temperature they automatically draw air and refresh the roof space.
  • Won't rust or corrode
    Made from ASA polymer with UV inhibition—won't chip, crack or corrode. Unlike some metal vents, rust is never a problem.
  • Available in most popular colours
  • Withstands severe wind and rain
    In independent laboratory trials, SupaVent withstood wind velocities of 240km/hr and satisfied the Internation Rain Dynamic Penetration Test.
  • Fits all roof types
    SupaVent's "Vari-Pitch" base and flashing fits any roof type with slopes zero to 45°. Installation is a simple matter.
  • 15 Year Warranty
    Twin precision stainless steel bearings enable a 15 year extended warranty to be offered.


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