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The SuperWhirly

Very High Wind Bearing Stability


    • Reinforced bearing holder
      A special glass filled nylon plastic bearing holder ensures perfect alignment of bearings—a feature essential to long bearing life and quiet operation.

    • Automatic breaking system
      Design of bearing holder comparment allows a breaking mechanism to activate at extreme wind speeds.

    • Precision steel bearings
      Full precision steel bearings are used—no plastic components.

    • Cyclone rated (Darwin deemed to comply)
      The SuperWhirly has been successfully tested at the University of NSW to a wind speed of 216km/hr. No damaged was observed.

    • Fits nearly all roof types
      SuperWhirly's "Vari-Pitch" throat and malleable flashing suits most roof type designs with slopes from zero to 45°

    • Improves efficiency of air conditioning
      Where ducted air conditioning is installed in a home, SuperWhirly will lower roof space temperatures, thereby reducing the level of heat exchange occurring between air in the attic and the cool air carried within the ducting system. This in turn causes less strain on the air-conditioner unit.

    This product is warranted when used on domestic premises for 10 years against defects in workmanship, parts, or mechanical failure. (See full warranty for details.)


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