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"We were extremely impressed with Green Earth Solutions, who supplied and installed air conditioners, insulation and ventialation systems at our home. Throughout our dealings, their service and professionalism was excellent. The systems that they recommended work extremly well and their tradesmen were very professional, competant, efficient, polite and clean throughout the installation. We would highly recommend Green Earth Solutions and would have no hesitation in continuing to use their services in the future."           
David & Alison Croughan  
"Some time ago we asked Green Earth Solutions to take care of our insulation and ventilation requirements. They provided a very competitive quote which they honoured even though we took more than 5 months to commit to the work. They did a wonderful job. Nothing was too much trouble and they explained their work as they went along. Every night they left the place clean and tidy ready for the next day. We would have no hesitation in using their services again and we have recommended them to our family and friends."
Alex & Antje Raymond

David & Alison Croughan



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Making Life More Comfortable

When installed correctly roof ventilation takes your roof back to the outside ambient shade temperature. Yes that can still be hot during the day but 40 degrees is a lot lower than 65 degrees. Where the massive change occurs is in the early evening. When you have a sealed roof which the heat can not escape from that heat, it only very slowly releases over the night. During  hot weather conditions this release of heat is very limited and is reheating before it gets the chance to cool. With a Ventilated roof you are back to the outside ambient shade temperature directly thus taking all that heat pressure off the home. These cost effective machines work for years once installed at no additional cost but save you incredible electricity amounts through lack of needing to use alternative cooling devises.

Many homes today are closed tight during the day, for security reasons. This restriction on air movement can cause stale air and odors to accumulate, trap heat, and increase the concentration of household pollutants. The result is a more unpleasant environment with increased levels of allergens and asthma triggers.

Constant movement of air within the home and exchange of air with the external environment will help to alleviate these problems. This can only be achieved by forceful removal of air with the facility for replacement air to enter the home.

This process of replacing hot, stale air with clean, fresh air makes your life more comfortable in three ways:

    A more comfortable summer

Extraction of super heated attic air enabling it to be replaced by fresh air through ceiling registers or eave vents. Roof space temperatures can be lowered, in turn reducing the amount of heat radiating into the home.

    Lower energy bills

Reduce your energy bills with your Ducted air conditioning systems operate far more efficiently with roof space ventilation. Expelling hot air from your attic space reduces the heat, running costs and improves the life expectancy of your air conditioner.

    Less roof space moisture

Up to 12 litres of moisture per day is drawn into roof spaces from shower and kitchen fans and can cause mould and mildew throughout the home. Adequate roof space ventilation can help maintain a dry atmosphere.



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