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Waste & Odour Treatment


Green Earth Solutions Waste & Odour Treatment is a non toxic, stable fermentation based product, containing special biodegradable and environmentally responsible surfactants that utilise naturally occurring compounds which in turn, stimulate microbiological activity to reduce sludge and odour build up in septic systems, long drop toilets, holding ponds, grease traps and other areas where build ups are causing odour.

This product has a wipe range of uses including being the perfect product to wash down commercial kitchen floors as it destroys odours, cleans and emulsifies the grease and helps maintain a clean functioning drain system to the outer watse gullies.

Green Earth Solutions Waste & Odour Treatment, when used as directed, revitalises the system as it destroys odour.


Septic Tanks and Effluent Ponds:

  • Helps break down and prevent sludge build ups and eliminates odours.

Animal Houses/veterinary facilities

  • Green Earth Solutions Waste & Odour Treatment is ideal for use as a general purpose cleaner for walls, floors, animal enclosures and other areas that become soiled. It can also be sprayed over compost and manure to accelerate decomposition.

Food Preparation Areas:

  • Green Earth Solutions Waste & Odour Treatment may be used to wash down benches, floors, walls, range hoods etc to reduce odours in the immediate area. As the residues flow down the drains, Green Earth Solutions Waste & Odour Treatment continues to accelerate microbiological activity to help keep grease traps sludge free, saving on expensive clean outs. It has the ability to emulsify heavy grease build ups around cookers and fryers.

Abattoirs/chicken and fish processing:

  • Green Earth Solutions Waste & Odour Treatment is used in areas where large amounts of animal fats and oils have accumulated and subsequent odours have occurred as well as in holding ponds.

Garbage and refuse areas:

  • Green Earth Solutions Waste & Odour Treatment can be used to safely eliminate waste odours in and from garbage disposal vehicles and units.


  • Environmentally safe - biodegradable
  • Economical
  • Non toxic
  • Contains naturally occurring ingredients
  • Highly effective at low dosage rates 
  • Easy to use
  • Does not taint or affect product

Point of Difference:

  • Green Earth Solutions Waste & Odour Treatment is an environmentally responsible product and is very effective at eliminating odours and reducing sludge build up in drains, grease traps, bio cyclce, septic and commercial waste systems.


  • Green Earth Solutions Waste & Odour Treatment can be applied using a spray, pressure washer, mop or broom.
  • Effluent ponds: Use 8 litres of Green Earth Solutions Waste Odour Treatment per acre. Apply twice weekly for first two weeks; thereafter apply once per week.
  • Septic systems: Initially add 4 litres of Green Earth Solutions Waste & Odour Treatment to the septic tank. Follow up with a regular weekly dose of 250ml per person using tyhe system.
  • General Cleaning: Dilute at a rate of 1:100 with water for general purpose cleaning and at 1:25 for heavy duty cleaning. If a perfumed product is preferred (e.g. in accommodation areas), Green Earth Solutions recommend using Green Earth Solutions Complete Concentrate.

Shelf Life:

  • Indefinite when stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated location away from direct sunlight.


  •  1L
  •  5L
  •  10L
  •  20L
  •  205L

Envirosafe Rating:

100% Australian Owned and Operated

Sustainablt powered premises

2% of all standard sales are donated to Carbon Neutral Programs




Shire of Augusta-Margaret River

We have been applying Waste & Odour Treatment to the Wallis Rd sewerage treament plant for over 12 months.

Prior to the application of Waste & Odour Treatment, objectional odours were impacting on surrounding areas.

Within two weeks of application odours had reduced significantly. Over the period of use, odours have remained almost undetectable.

We will continue to use Waste & Odour Treatment and will be eager to investigate additional benfits.

Thankyou for your assistance in investigating and resolving the odour problems that we were experiencing.

Yours sincerely

Brendan Mohr
Services Manager



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