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Air Conditioning

"Just a quick thank you for all your assistance in sorting out the air conditioning at our property. As you are aware we had two other contractors who said they could NOT solve the problem and NEW units were required. Your professional approach to the problem and the time you took to make sure the right path was chosen in the repair process was fantastic.
Not only did we NOT require two air con units but the reapairs you carried out have made the old units 100% more efficient and you saved us thousands."
Thanks again Tyson....really appreciate your work"

Jon Boucaut

Insulation and Ventilation

Sometime ago we asked Green Earth Solutions to take care of our insulation and ventilation requirements. They provided a very competitive quote which they honoured even though we took more than 5 months to commit to the work. They did a wonderful job. Nothing was to much trouble and they explained their work as they went along. Every night they left the place was clean and tidy ready for the next day. We would have no hesitation in using their services again and we have recommended them to our family and friends
Alex and Antje Raymond

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

"Green Earth has worked with our company for the last 8 years as a subcontractor. Tyson provides efficient and high quality service in all facets of air conditioning and ventilation, including installation, service and repair. His work in meticulous; he is reliable, experienced, value for money, punctual and has a great attitude towards customer service. We would highly recommend Tyson and Green Earth for any service in the air conditioning industry;

CBS Air Conditioning, Brinsbane QLD

Air Conditioning, Insulation and Ventilation

"We were extremely impressed with Green Earth Solutions, who supplied and installed air conditioners, insulation & ventilation systems at our home. Throughout our dealings, their service and professionalism was excellent. The system that they recommended worked extremely well and the tradesmen were very professional, competent, efficient, polite and clean throughout the installation. We would highly recommend Green Earth SOlutions and would have no hesitation in continuing to use their services in the furure

David and Alison Croughan


"A very friendly Tyson arrived on time. He happily set to work in our rather confined roof space. We noticed the effects of the insulation immediately. We hardly have had to use the heater and if so, it is only on for a short time and then turned off. Also, we have dropped the temperature setting for the heater. I can thoroughly recommend this type of insulation."

Rocky Hoare

Green Earth Solutions Eucalyptus Disinfectant

We have tried numerous cleaning products on our floor tiles over the last few years to be left unhappy with the results,but after using Green Earth Solutions Eucalyptus Disinfectant found it to do an excellent job of cleaning with ease,leaving a slight lustre to the surface,whilst being safe around pets & leaves a fresh aroma around the area.
Lyn Thomson

Green Earth Solutions Heavy Duty Machinery Wash

I have been using Green Earth Solutions Heavy Duty Machinery Wash & have found it an excellent product as it takes off all road grime etc once sprayed onto surface & rubbed over lightly with sponge or broom.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone.
Brian Lee

Green Earth Solutions Graffiti Remover

We found Green Earth Solutions Graffiti Remover to be very effective in removing red spray paint from our vehicle. The stickers and the vehicle paint were not affected at all but the red spray paint came off very easily. We would not hesitate to recommend it in the unfortunate situation of vehicle tagging!
Jacko and Sandie Jackson

Green Earth Solutions Laundry Liquid

I think that Green Earth Solutions Laundry Liquid is a fantastic product. It has a pleasant fragrance cleans extremely well and is environmentally safe. I have used other environmentally safe products and found that Green Earth Solutions Laundry Liquid is a superior product. As I have a front loader I have to be mindful of what products are used but with Green Earth Solutions Laundry Liquid I have no issues in recommending this product for all types of washers.
Lyn Thomson

Green Earth Solutions Fuel Clean

I have been distributing Green Earth Solution Fuel Clean since 1993 throughout Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong as well as the East Coast of NSW.

There are clients who have continually purchased the product since 1993. These include Newcastle Ports Corporation, Tip Top Bakeries (a division of Fielder Goodman) and Toronto Bus Service.

Port Stephens Coaches have been clients since 1996.

Many Local Government Councils are long time customers these include:- Canterbury Council, Hurstville Council, Baulkham Hills Council, Shoalhaven Council, Kiama Council, Wyong Council, Newcastle Council, Hastings Council, Kempsey Council as well as Port Kembla Ports Corporation and many Trucking Companies, 4WD Enthusiasts and Boat Owners.

There have been many clients advising me of the savings they have made by using Green Earth Solutions Fuel Clean. Reports of using less fuel, Fuel Filters lasting much longer,easier starting, smoother running of vehicles and a significant reduction in emissions but the major point they all make is that the problem they used to have with water in the fuel has been eliminated.

Wyong Council vehicles would break down just after they filled their fuel tanks because of water contamination, since using Green Earth Solutions Fuel Clean the problem has been solved.

Canterbury Council had to have their underground fuel tanks pumped out 4 to 5 times a year to remove the water there is now never any water in the tanks thanks to Green Earth Solutions Fuel Clean.

At Port Stephens Coaches the mechanics would be called out to breakdowns because of blocked fuel filters caused by the "diesel bug", Green Earth Solutions Fuel Clean eliminated the water and as a result the "diesel bug" died, the problem has never come back.

Another feature of Green Earth Solutions Fuel Clean is that it will revive old fuel and prevent fuel from going stale, a client purchased a boat that had over 2,000 litres of fuel. The boat had not been used for about 3 years therefore the fuel had been in the tank for that long, he added Green Earth Solutions Fuel Clean to the tank then topped it up with 1,000 litres of fresh fuel. The boat ran well as there were no problems in burning the old fuel.

Since 1993 I have not had one complaint about Green Earth Solutions Fuel Clean.

I am more than happy to speak to anybody regarding this product

John Bradley
Surething Marketing
John Bradley

Green Earth Solutions Super Clean Extra

Green Earth Solutions Super Clean Extra is a fantastic product. We use it for all floor surfaces (tiles, wood, vinyl) for a nice shiny finish and it works great.
Mel & Dave

Green Earth Solutions Glue Remover

Green Earth Solutions Glue Remover is terrific. We use it to remove all markings (pencil, pen, scuff marks) and removes all glue residue from stickers, tape etc on all surfaces and we are very happy with the results.
Mel & Dave

Green Earth Solutions Graffiti Remover

Green Earth Solutions Graffiti Remover works quickly and is very effective. We use it in the removal of all paint products left behind at construction stage. Our clients are very pleased with the results.
Mel & Dave

Green Earth Solutions Bug & Tar Remover

"We have been using Green Earth Solutions Bug & Tar remover product for the past few months and have been very pleased with the results"
James Warden, Production Manager, Siemens Australia Ltd
James Warden

Green Earth Solutions Glass & Mirror Cleaner

I must say that the eco friendly product range from Green Earth Solutions has great cleaning products.

Eg: Glass & Mirror cleaner, amazing finish with glass and mirrors.

Green Earth Solutions Eucalyptus Disinfectant - great for kitchen use, for fridges and bench tops.

Green Earth Solutions Copmplete I use for everything in my house, from floors to ceiling and all it needs is spray and wipe. No going over it twice!

And most importantly it is Australian Owned and 100% natural.
Your home will smell fresh. (a bit like citrus).

Thank you EnviroSafe

Mirela Ella Basic


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