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Emergency preparedness is crucial with todays stringent and environmental and safety regulations. A quick response to oil, chemical, hazardous waste or biological spills can save an organisation thousands of dollars in fines. Using the correct spill containment products is equally as important, and having staff addequately trained in the use of equipnment and safety procedures is mandatory.

SpillZORBE/ Zeolite is a clean, fast acting, environmentally safe absorbent that will assist you  meeting your safety requirements.

Oil and petroleum spills are always a potential environmental problem due to their ability to leach into soils and waterways. Responsible industry should demonstrate effective spill management using absorbents that are efficient and do not leach once placed into landfill. SpillZorbe Natural Floor Sweep Absorbant is tested to USEPA standards for free liquid and leachate for hydrocarbons (C10 - C36) and can be used for a wide range of liquid spills.


  • Use anywhere around the workshop/office/home/warehouse/garage/kitchen/driveway
  • Oil-All inc: Engine/hydraulic/transmission
  • Fuels-All inc: Diesel/petrol/kerosene
  • Coolants/grease/cooking oils and fats
  • Mild acids and alkalis
  • Paint inks/dyes
  • Bitumen/chemical spills
  • Pet litter/soil wetting additive
  • Various other organic toxins


  • All natural heat sterilised mineral – contains no chemicals
  • Exceeds EPA landfill tests
  • Absorbs immediately on contact
  • Absorbs liquids, gases and odours
  • High cation exchange capacity
  • Natural bonding action of Zeolite makes it far more active in the adsorption and absorption process (“adsorption” refers to the locking onto or retention of ions or molecules of a gas or liquid on the surface of a different substance).
  • Particle size gradation designed to maximise surface area
  • Super absorption capacity
  • Maintains strength integrity when fully absorbed
  • Reduces slippage and makes clean-up easy
  • De-dusted to reduce surface bogging and improves handling
  • Strong wicking action to pull spills from the surface
  • Zeolite is a one stop universal absorbent which will absorb almost any liquid, such as Oils, Diesel, Petrol, Hydraulic Fluid, Paint, Ink, Dairy and many more

Point of Difference:

  • Worksafe compliant
  • All natural heat sterilised mineral – contains no chemicals
  • Absorbs immediately on contact
  • Absorbs liquids, gases and odours
  • Zeolite can be used to clean liquid spills such as oils, fuels, mild acids and alkalis, and various other organic toxins.
  • Gases such as formaldehyde and hydrogen sulphide have been shown to be absorbed by Zeolite.
  • Zeolite has been tested to TCLP and Paint Filter Standards
  • Meets & exceeds EPA landfill disposal requirements.


  • Spread the Zeolite around the perimeter of the spill to contain the spill. Then work the Zeolite in from the edges towards the centre of the spill until no free liquid is visible.
  • Dispose of the Zeolite and contained liquid in accordance with local, state and federal authorities.
  • Zeolite is biodegradable but should be swept up immediately and disposed of correctly and responsibly.

Shelf Life:

  • Indefinitely


  • 2.5kg
  • 10kg

Envirosafe Rating:





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