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Solar Sky Lights

Solaro Day Skylights are a great way to introduce enhanced lighting into your home, helping you to brighten dark areas and saving on electricity charges.

Solar Skylight, Solaro Day

  • Bright simulated natural, healthy light (better than LEDs)
  • No harmful UV Rays
  • Produces light even on cloudy days
  • Small 1/4" hole in roof, less chance of leakage
  • Optional battery back up supply system
  • Up to 8 lights off one panel
  • 25yr warranty on Solar panel
  • 10yr warranty for Opto Semiconductors
  • Guilt free lighting off the grid, helps keep the plant greener
  • American designed, American engineered and American made for quality and durability.

With just 1 Solaro Day light powered by solar energy. Even if wired to the existing structures electrical system you'll save 50%-80% over incandescent and fluorescent lights.

New Homes

Solaro Day Skylights are a great option when building a new home, with one panel capable of lighting upto eight individual lights. You could have battery back up enabling the lights to be used in the evening thus eliminating the need to grid electricity to power your lighting.

When considering the cost of light fittings, the electricans cost, globes plus the electricity to run  the light the cost for its life installing the solar version Solaro Day light is very affordable. The system pays for it self very quickly.

Power out does not mean lights out with a Solaro Day light, with extended power outages due to weather conditions it is reassuring to know you have light with your solar powered lights.

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