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Ezi Action® Drum Pumps


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This new patented pumping principle gives you 4 major benefits;

  1. High volume delivery at low pressure makes pumping chemicals safer.
  2. Double action means you get delivery on both the up and down stroke.
  3. No wearing parts.
  4. 24 months manufacturer's warranty.
  • It is neither a piston nor a vacuum pump. This award winning hand drum pump has become the biggest selling plastic drum pump in New Zealand and around the world. It is now the hand pump of choice around the world with offices in North America, South America, England and Australia.

    Two fingers on the handle is all the energy required to pump viscous fluids or harsh acid or alkali cleaning chemicals. The unique patented pumping principle means no parts that wear. This award winning hand drum pump is the choice of multinational chemical companies to help their customers to take chemicals from drum and containers safely and conveniently. Made from FDA compliant polypropylene and low density polyethylene, Easy-action® Drum pumps also have Japanese Food Hygiene Approval and can be used with confidence with food contact. Decanting oils, sauces, dressings juices, batters are some of the applications current customers use them on. It is also the perfect pump for cosmetics and the beauty industry. Eliminates contamination, spillage and wastage in all applications.

Ezi-action® plastic drum pumps are resistant to a wide range of acid, alkaline, caustic, and chlorine based chemicals, oils, crop chemicals, diesel and liquid fertilisers. Not to be used with strong solvents, highly flammable liquids or for pumping petrol (gasoline).


Easy-action® safety measure

This product breaks new ground in the safe transfer of chemicals from bulk containers. It offers a closed delivery system for the safe, responsible decanting and dilution of chemicals.

Fits all Ezi-Action® Drum Pumps.

The easy bayonet type clip-on system securely attaches the 1 litre Ezi-Action® Safety Measure to the safety measure spout, allowing hands free dispensing of chemicals.

The safety features of the Ezi-Action® Drum Pumps and the Ezi-Action® Safety Measure will enhance any chemical safety programme.

Safety Features

Closed delivery system dramatically reduces the likelihood that chemicals come into contact with the operator. Prevents splashes or careless spills.

Unique patented calibration system enables quantity of chemical being poured out to be read when the safety measure is tilted on its side.

When usage is complete, the EzyiAction® Safety Measure is simply stored, clicked into place for the next application.

Labelling clearly identifies the chemical contained in the Ezi-action safety measure and colour cap coding identifies acid(red), alkali(blue), and neutral(white), chemicals. Provides a control for the hazard of chemical mix-ups and cross contamination.





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