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Liquid Loo


Green Earth Solutions Liquid Loo is a new blend of environmentally friendly waste breakdown product. It is designed for use in portable, long drop and septic system toilets.

Green Earth Solutions Liquid Loo is a fully biodegradable product that can be emptied into a caravan's waste system, enviro- cycle type system as well as a deep sewerage without any negative impact on the environment.


  • Portable toilets including cassette style and long drop systems
  • Waste tanks on boats
  • Cassette toilets in motor homes and caravans
  • Commercial style porta-loos



  • Environmentally safe
  • Can be used for any toilet
  • Perfumed
  • Economical

Point of Difference:

  • Formaldehyde free
  • Clean Smell
  • Easy to measure
  • Helps to keep the holding tank clean 


  • Pour 100ml into 250l holding tank with enough water to cover bottom of tank. Generally 25ml is required for a 10-15l holding tank with 250ml of water, re-application every 5-7 days. If you want to put into top tank only 10ml is required.

Shelf Life:

  • Indefinite when stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated location away from direct sunlight.


  •  500Ml
  •  1L
  •  5L
  •  10L
  •  20L
  •  205L

Envirosafe Rating:


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