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The Australian Government's Home Insulation Program was cancelled on February 19, 2010.


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  • Ceilings, normal roof, low roof and roof off
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Home Insulation

By insulating your roof, walls and floor you help to regulate the temperatures within your house. This also significantly reduces the load on your air conditioner. We also specialise in Garage Door Insulation the only company on the coast to do so.

Here at Green Earth we have a warehouse full of the best quality insulation products available and we can have you property insulated within 10 working days. Our salesmen will write an obligation free quote on site, measuring your property with a state of the art laser measure to ensure you are not overcharged on house size. They inspect the ceiling and give you a copy of the quote on the spot, as well as answering any of the questions you may have.

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Garage Door Insulation

Green Earth Solutions are the innovator when it comes to Insulating your garage doors. As most modern family homes now have attached garages it is important to recognise the incredible heat that builds up in the garage. That heat is radiated through the home from the garage massively increasing the burden of heat on the house and its cooling systems. There are three ways of reducing this heat mass. All of them once installed will not cost anything to run thus making your home so much more comfortable, more efficent and saves you MONEY.



Green Earth Solutions can insulate your single and double garage doors which can reduce the heat in your garage by over 20 degrees. This reduces the heat build up across your whole home and protects the items stored in the garage by reducing the heat variance. This application is suitable to all sectional and tilt up garage doors

Single Door $350.00 supplied and installed

Double Doors $450.00 supplied and installed



When you have a heat build up in your garage the best way for this to be released without opening the door is to install closable ceiling vents. Here at Green Earth Solutions we are home ventilation specialist, we have a range of vents that can be used in the roof and have designed a specific closing apparatus that allows you to open the vents easily in summer and close them just as easily in winter when you wish to retain the heat.

Price from $110.00 supplied and installed



Roof ventilation is the most cost effective home environment system available, there are many versions for various roof types and situations. When the roof space is vented correctly the roof cavity will be kept at the outdoor ambient shade temperature. An unvented roof on the Sunshine Coast can reach temperatures over 70 degree celcius which creates huge pressure on the properties cooling system. Reducing this to under 40 degrees during the day and then reducing further and faster as soon as the outside temperature drops in the evenings makes these simple devises unsurpassed; add to that once install they cost nothing to operate. Different vents have different warranty from 5-15 years with some various components having lifetime warranty. 

Prices start from $250.00 fully installed.

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