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Eco Friendly Cleaning & Maintenance Solutions


Green Earth Solutions are committed to supplying responsible products that actually work without the toxicity usually associated with such effective products. We are a company that puts great importance on quality, consistancy and prompt service.

Not only are Green Earth Solutions Cleaning and Maintenance Products, a truly safer, greener option over most chemically based products on the market, but they are also helpful in extending the life of your machinery. They greatly reduce the risk to staff (OHS) and customers, while decreasing labour and operational costs because of their easy to use nature and lack of additional protective clothing that is required. You will have a cleaner, greener, safer enviromnent whether it be on a farm, a mine, industrial complex, warehouse, resort or around the home.

Many of our products have been specifically designed to solve a problem a customer has come to us about. For example our Marine Glass Cleaner was designed for the Royal Australian Navy, subsequently resulting in a 15 year contract.

Our Mantra is simple, supply,

  • Quality and consistant customer service
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Effective products
  • Cost competitive
  • Easy to use

As a whole the community expects leadership from small business to corporate leaders, Green Earth Solutions supply the highest quality products enabling you to easily and effectively achieve these goals from the environmental point of view. We stand by this ourselves, by donating 2% of sales to carbon neutral programs (there can be exceptions to this) and use 100% Green Power.

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