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"Just a quick thank you for all your assistance in sorting out the air conditioning at our property. As you are aware we had two other contractors who said they could NOT solve the problem and NEW units were required. Your professional approach to the problem and the time you took to make sure the right path was chosen in their repair process was fantastic. Not only did ne NOT require teo new air con units but the repairs you carried out have made the old units 100% more efficient and you saved us thousands. Thanks again Tyson....really appreciate your work."                          Jon Boucaut
"Green Earth has worked with our company for the last 2 years as a subcontractor. Tyson provides efficient and high quality service in all facets of air conditioning and ventilation, including installation, service and repair. His work is meticulous, he is reliable, experienced, value for money, punctual and his attitude towards customer service. We would highly recommend Tyson and Green Earth for any services in the sir conditioning industry." CBS Air Conditioning, Brisbane QLD

Who Invented Airconditioning?

There is much speculation as to where it all started , but the real answer lies with a man named Willis Haviland Carrier. Way back in the year 1901 Carrier graduated from the Cornel University with a masters in engineering. A year later he was challenged with a problem that had plagued a Brooklyn printing company for some time.

The problem lay with the fact that variations in temperature and humidity caused the printing paper to alter its dimension enough to cause the misalignment of the coloured inks. The introduction of the first air conditioning unit enabled a predictable environment in which a consistent product could be produced.

From there the many applications of air conditioners devised. From the simple plant created in 1902 to the sophisticated inverter and VRF systems of today

    Ducted Air Conditioning

    • Design, Supply & Installation
    • Servicing, Repairs & Warranty
    • Multi Zone Systems
    • WiFi Enabled systems with smart phone app
    • Residential, Apartments, Accomodation cComplexes
    • Commercial, Nursing Homes, School, Shopping Centre
    • All major brands available

    Contact Us directly to find the best air conditioner to suit your requirement. 54428710 or

    Ducted Air Conditioners have been specifically designed to maintain the ideal climate in your home all year round. With many features like multi zones it gives you the fleixibility to cool and heat which ever rooms you want at any time; thus making it more cost effective to operate.

    AirTouch is a Smart Air Conditioning Controller that offers WiFi control of your home's climate through your smart phone app. So you can set you system to come on from down the road or anywhere overseas with phone connection. See more about AirTouch

    Another major benefit for Queenslanders is all air conditioning systems we install have dehumidifier functions on them so if you suffer from the humidity then these air conditioning systems are a must. When operating in this mode the power consumption is at a minimal required for operation. You can not hear the machine running and it extracts litres of water from humid homes saves thousands of dollars from damaged furniture and homes in harsh humid conditions.

    Add to this there are many health benefits dehumidifiers have so there is no need to buy portable units if your child is ill or anyone in the family has issues that require you to have one of these devises.

    We recommend Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Samsung, Hitachi and Daiken air-conditioners as they have come out on top of the Choice magazine rating but we install all reputable brand units if you have purchased one of your own

    Things to ask yourself before buying an air conditioner

    To many people buying home air conditioners is a knee jerk reaction to unbearable heat and humidity. Having a general life span of 10—12 years, some thought and research should be given before spending your well earned savings. A little bit of time now may well save you some significant money and heartache later.

    As a general rule you will get what you pay for
    . Split air conditioners are manufactured by many brands and come in many shapes. Spend a little time on deciding the most efficient unit that suits your needs and the long term running costs will be greatly reduced. Many people race out and buy the cheapest air con that they can not realising that the purchase price is the least expensive part of the experience. The running cost over the life of the unit will be considerably more. Check the star ratings and COP. An inverter air conditioner is generally the best way to go.

    Buy a well known brand of split system
    , a brand that has stood the test of time. Research consumer groups such as Choice Magazine and other non-biased organisations. Some of the no-name brands may be cheaper, but if the need arises for service and spare parts arises you may be left a little short.

    Be sure that back up service is available in your area.
    Again it is a little pointless to purchase a split system only to find that in the unfortunate case that it breaks down there is no one to repair it. Many reputable air conditioning companies will not work on lesser known brands of air conditioning systems.

    Don’t take advice from a toaster salesman.
    It isn’t possible for salesman in large appliance stores to know everything about all of the airconditioners that they sell as well as all of the other products. Your best advice will come from the people who install and repair the units. Their knowledge of the workings of and air conditioning system will be much more valuable to you. They are less likely to be biased because of sales incentives and commissions.

    So at the end of the day check the brand, check the
    star ratings and check your local serviceman.

    See our Air Conditioning FAQ


    "We were extremely impressed with Green Earth Solutions, who supplied and installed air conditioniners, insulation & ventilation systems in our home. Throughout our dealings, their service and professionalism was excellent. The systems that they recommended work extremely well and the tradesmen were very professional, competent, efficient, polite and clean throughout the installations. We would highly recommend Green Earth Solutions and would have no hesitation in continuing to use their services in the future."           David & Alison Croughan


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