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Bio-Waste 7lt

A natural earth mineral, and a blend of natural essential oils and plant extracts which immobilises potentially infectious human and animal spills on contact. This is a fine powdred form that is ideal to clean potentially infectious human and animal spills. Ideal for around the home or workplace.

Waterless clean up solution.


  • Use anywhere around the workshop/office/home/warehouse/garage/kitchen/driveway
  • Oils-All inc: Engine/Hydraulic/Transmission
  • Fuels-All inc: Diesel/Petrol/Kerosene
  • Coolants/Grease/Cooking Oils & Fats
  • Mild Acids and Alkalis
  • Paint/Inks/Dyes
  • Bitumen/Chemical Spills
  • Pet Litter/Soil Wetting Additive
  • Various Other Organic Toxins.


  • Fast acting and saves time
  • Reduces Cross Contamination
  • Reduces handling risk
  • Reduces slip hazard
  • All natural
  • Non toxic

Point of Difference:

  • Minimises OHS handling risk
  • Can reduces cross contamination
  • Economical


  • Always follow workplace safety procedures when handling hazardous spills, including using proper personal protection equipment
  • Isolate spill to avoid cross contamination and cover generously with Spillfix from the perimeter working towards the centre until no free liquid is visible
  • Work Spillfix into the spill using a scrapper or broom until spill is immobilised then into a suitable scoop
  • Place used Spillfix and disposable items into a suitable disposable bag and seal Reusable items and spill area should be cleaned with Green Earth Solutions Disinfectant
  • Follow proper personal hygiene practices Ensure disposal bag is disposed of in accordance with regulatory authorities and workplace procedures

Shelf Life:

  • Indefinitely


  •  7 litres

Envirosafe Rating:






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