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It’s Winter.
Why do I need an
air conditioner?

The simple answer is why wouldn’t you need and air conditioner. Generally customers only think of air conditioners when they are hot. With reverse cycle air conditioning being among the most efficient forms of heating it is an obvious inexpensive way to warm up your winter. With the introduction of the ZIX series of split systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries you will be amazed at the extra features not to mention the 6 star heating energy rating. These units also boast 3D air technology, the latest inverter technology and extremely quiet operation. To view the comparison of these units

Efficient and Economical
Air Conditioning

With people being more conscious of global warming and hard economic times, there are some simple things that can be done to still maintain the comfort of air conditioning while sticking to the budget. In most cases the initial cost of purchasing a split system air conditioner is far outweighed by the long term cost of running the unit. Here are some helpful hints on home heating.


Inverter air conditioner systems are continually proving their worth. Energy is saved by alleviating the ‘Stop -Start’ cycle of the traditional compressor operation. An inverter air conditioner utilises a variable speed compressor which delivers a constant temperature not achieved by the fixed speed compressors. The inverter ssplit systems operates in a similar manner to the cruise control in your car, by only applying the power only when it is needed and backing off when it is not required


Before choosing the unit suited to your needs is is very important to accurately measure your room. Other contributing factors are the placement of windows, the construction of the room as well as the building aspect. All these factors need to be considered before purchasing the correct air conditioner.

Room Air Conditioner Sizing Table

Check The Weather Forecast

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and check to see if the forecast is for extreme temperatures. Don’t wait until is becomes unbearable before turning your home air conditioner on. Because it needs to adjust the temperature of every thing in the room and not just you give it a head start and turn it on early. This will actually save you power as the aorconditioner unit will not have to work so hard when the weather turns poor.

Use The Correct Air Flow To Maintain Temperature

During the winter months, your reverse cycle air conditioner should be set to 23-25 degrees Celsius. By doing this and keeping the fan speed to medium, you will be running your heat pump efficiently. This will save you money while still heating your home or office.


Giving some serious consideration to the location of the indoor and outdoor units will also save you some long term money. Listen to professional people when getting advise on your air conditioning installation. Installing the indoor split air conditioning unit in a high traffic area may effect the air low and subsequently decrease the efficiency. Placing the outdoor unit in a sheltered area will not only extend the life of the air con but will enable it to perform more efficiently in the summer months. Nobody like working in the sun.

Heating Your Home

Are you sick and tired of freezing every winter, or having to spend the whole time wearing so many warm clothes that you can barely move? Are you in a state of shock after reading your latest energy bill ?

Spending a little time to choose the best way to heat you home in winter can go a long way to help overcome some of these problems.

There are a number of factors that you should take into consideration when deciding how to heat your home or business :

Size of area to be heated – if you are heating a single person or a very small area, you will need a different solution to that which would be required for a whole room or an entire house.

Type of Heater – There are many different types of heaters available – column heaters, fan heaters, radiant heaters, convection heaters, air conditioning units and more. Some of heating units are relatively cheap to buy, but can be very expensive to run for an extended period.

Size of Heater – The size of the heating unit that you will require is also dependent on the size of the area to be heated. Use our space calculator to help decide the best unit for you.

Whilst we are all aware of the benefits of Air conditioning for cooling purposes, it is less well known that Air Conditioners are also one of the most versatile and efficient forms of heating your home or business. Whilst air conditioners may cost a little more initially, they are by far the cheapest way to heat entire rooms or other large areas in your home or business for an extended period.

Air Conditioners come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit just about any requirement. We have listed below some of our most popular units, click on an image for more information about that specific unit.

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