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Tyson is your ducted speaclist

Samsung's ducted Air Conditioner range are the best value machines on the market today. Tyson specialises on all ducted design and installation applications. So weather you are building a new home or would like one retrofitted to your existing property do not hesitate in contacting us to quote on the best system for your circumstances.

Samsung now offering WiFi

Samsung have advanced their Air Conditioners range with WiFi, this fantastic feature allows you to control your Air Conditioner from your smart phone from any location with phone access even overseas. 

You can turn your machine on on the way home from work to heat, cool or dehumidify for perfect climate control of your home. This also allows you to maximise solar energy if you have solar panels on your roof; use the free power to heat or cool your home. Ask us how this can save you money while helping out the environment.

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Self Cleaning Air Conditioner

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRKZ model split system air conditioners have the unique ability to clean themselves. Instead of just turning off and shutting down the system, the SRKZ units shut down the refrigeration system and close the louvers. The indoor fan then continues to run on for a further 2 hours. Because this dries the indoor unit completely, it restricts the ability of mould growing in the unit. This helps keep the unit clean and your home healthier. The feature can easily be turned on and off via the remote control.

The unbeatable SRC71ZRA-W

This unit is by far the best selling unit in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries range. With an air reach of 17M and the quietest operation of all units it is no wonder. Add to this the fact that it was the top performer in the Choice Magazine test for large split system air conditioners and you find that it is an all round winner

Along with the smaller SRK50ZSA-W, this unit will efficiently cool the large living area quietly and economically. By using corrosion resistant coils and panels you are ensured of long reliable service from this air conditioner.

Comparing the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK71ZEA-S1 to the SRK80ZEA-S1 Split System Air conditioner

The SRK ZEA series of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning range is the industry leader in the larger inverter wall hung split systems.

The SRK63ZEA-S1 and The SRK71ZEA-S1 were head and shoulders above their competitors in the Choice Magazine Survey for large air conditioners.

The SRK80ZEA-S1 is the largest in the range. While the SRK63 & SRK71 are moderately priced, the SRK80 is nearly $450 more expensive.

So what’s the big difference?

The SRK71 has a cooling range of 0.9- 8.0KW while the SRK80 has 0.9-8.4kW. a Difference of 0.4KW

The SRK71 has a heating range of 0.9-10.5KW while the SRK80 has 0.9-10.8KW a diference of 0.3KW

This would barely be enough to notice. The energy star rating reflects the same story.

The SRK71 Cooling 4.5 compared to 3.0 by the SRK80 while the SRK71 Heating 4.5 compared to 3.5 by the SRK80.

Other characteristics such as air flow, sound levels and physical size are the same.

So, before racing out and buying the biggest tat you can, consider the size of the area and see if you really need to waste your money on the larger unit.


"We have been associated with Tyson and Fiona Green from Green Earth Solutions for 12 months and we continue to use their service on a regular basis. As managers of two complexes in Twin Waters we need to be able to rely on their professionalism and prompt service to carry out work with thought and efficiency and at very competitive rates. They are always friendly and courteous and do a fantastic job supplying and servicing all equipment they replace and repair. We will continue to use their service and would not hesitate in recommending them to others."                                     

     Billy & Joy Eccelston


"Green Earth Solutions have worked with our company for the last 8 years as a subcontractor. Tyson provides efficient and high quality service in all facets of air conditioning and ventilation, including installation, service and repair. His work is meticulous, he is reliable, experienced, value for money, punctual and has a great attitude toward customer service. We would highly recommend Tyson and Green Earth for any services in the air conditioning industry."                              

  CBS Air Conditioning, Brisbane QLD


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