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It’s Winter.
Why do I need an
air conditioner?

The simple answer is why wouldn’t you need an air conditioner?

Generally customers only think of air conditioners when they are hot. With reverse cycle air conditioning being among the most efficient forms of heating it is an obvious inexpensive way to warm up your winter.

With the introduction of the ZIX series of split systems from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries you will be amazed at the extra features not to mention the 6 star heating energy rating. These units also boast 3D air technology, the latest inverter technology and extremely quiet operation.

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"We have been associated with Tyson and Fiona Green form Green Earth Solutions for 12 months and we continue to use their service on a regular basis. As managers of two complexes in Twin Waters we need to be able to rely on their professionalism and prompt services to carry out work with thought and efficiency and at very competitive rates. They are always friendly and courteous and do a fantastic job supplying and installing air conditioners and servicing all equipment they replace and repair. We will continue to use their service and would not hesitate in recommending them to others."                    

    Billy & Eccelston

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    Gheko's and Mice are your Air Conditioners worst nightmare, with over 90% of machine damage coming from these 2 creatures. Ensure your machines have adequate traps and bates around them and they are pest sprayed regularly.

    When deciding on your air conditioner you should ask your installer what machines are the best for after market parts and services. Some companies charge up to 10 times more than other reputable companies for there main components. So for the best all round advice call us for expert information the the Air Conditioner that offers you the best overall value for money. Phone 07 5442 8710

    Air Conditioning Installation FAQ

    Before choosing an air conditioner there are several things that you may need to take into consideration. These include


    Where you live will considerably affect the operation of your air-conditioner. If you live in an extremely hot climate be careful to ensure that the unit is designed operate in high ambient temperatures. The same applies for people living in cooler climates. The outdoor unit must be designed to operate in low or minus zero temperatures. Not all units will do this.


    If the room that you are trying to air-conditioned faces the North it will require more energy to cool a room down. On the other hand if it faces south it will need less energy. The opposite will apply if you are trying to warm the room.

    External shading:

    Objects providing shade such as blinds and canopies, as well as things like trees and shrubs can considerably cut down the amount of heat entering a room.

    Internal shading:

    Although things such as curtains and blinds are not as effective at keeping out heat as external shading, they can still have an effect.


    By insulating your roof, walls and floor you help to regulate the temperatures within your house. This also significantly reduces the load on your air conditioner.


    Take the time to minimise gaps around windows and doors etc which will reduce the unwanted hot or cold air coming into your home.





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