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Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems with inverter technology is the CHEAPEST way to heat, cool and dehumidify your home. At a push of the button you can instantly bring your home to the set temperature. Split as well as Ducted Air Conditioners units are very economical to run and have considerable less carbon emission than an open fire or gas heating unit. 
Air Conditioning systems with inverter technology heating and cooling systems are 30% more efficient, instant, and quiet, the most effective solution for Sunshine Coast living.

Ducted systems like below give you maximum control throughout your entire home.

Every ducted system is designed individually for your home and your personal requirements.

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Home Ventilation Cooling Systems

Roof Ventilation can improve your homes comfort levels during both summer and winter.Whirlybirds vent the huge heat that builds up in your roof during the day, your roof can get up to 70°. With the right ventilation system,you can reduce this heat to the outside ambient shade temperature. Instead of your home storing all that heat through the night, your home has instant relief decreasing the pressure on other items you use to cool your home. House ventilation comes in various sizes and models and are wind driven some models are available in electric or solar connections. Supavents have a lifetime warranty on their stainless steel bearings  and against hail damage; perfect for homes on the Sunshine Coast. Roof ventilation is a must if you have ducted air conditioning in your home.


Skylights are a cost effective and energy efficient means of using natural light to brighten any room in your home. There are many different forms of skylights available. So depending on the location you require light we have the option to suit.

We also supply solar skylights which have been a real game changer. They can be located anywhere in the home including multi level homes, apartments and office complexes. You do not have to have large voids or ceiling cavities for them to work therefore you do not have heat loss or gain through the light tube. Contact us for the many options available.

Ezi-Action® Fluid Transfer Pumps

Our chemical resistant, FDA compliant, Japanese Food Hygiene Approved Ezi-Action® Drumpumps and Ezi-Action® Safety Measures have been proven around the world for safety and reliabilty for hand pumping and fluid transfer from drums and containers.
With the ruggedly constructed polypropylene Ezi-Action® Drumpumps you and your customers will find it easy to dispense a wide range of liquids. Strong acids (including AdBlue/DEF), strong alkalis, cleaning chemicals, oils, lubricants, liquid food products and many other chemicals can be dispensed safely and reliably with our fluid transfer pumps.



Using only the best insulation EarthWool Ceiling Insulation by Knauf and winner of Global Thermal insulation of the Year several time have been leading the world in home insulation. Insulation has huge benefits when installed in the ceiling, walls and under floor in high set homes. EarthWool insulation has outstanding acoustic qualities, the highest non combustible fire rating and the International Green Guard Air Certification. When installed, insulation can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home, thus greatly reducing the use of other energy hungry devices saving you money while making your living environment so much more comfortable year round.




Air Conditioning

The best way for you to control your home environment all year round

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Air Conditioning

Gives you perfect individual control only where you need it.

So you are perfectly comfortable all year round.


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